Solidarity Economics Materials

Solidarity Economics Materials

Traditional economics is built on the assumption of self-interested individuals seeking to maximize personal gain. This is far from the whole story, however: sharing, caring and a desire to uphold the collective good are also powerful individual motives. In a world wracked by inequality, social divisions, and ecological destruction, can we build an alternative economics based on our mutual cooperation?

Solidarity Economics is an approach, grounded in our instincts for connection and community and backed by detailed academic research, that shows a path forward toward building a more robust, sustainable and equitable economy. This framework helps us see more easily how our current economy is already deeply dependent on mutuality, and why investing in that mutuality actually leads to better economic outcomes. It also highlights the important role of movements for change in overcoming the inequality and fragmentation of our status quo that undermines our mutuality and economic well-being.

Starting in March 2023, we will be releasing a series of online training videos and resource materials that help introduce people to the concept of solidarity economics and how this framework can be applied to different inclusive economic development strategies.

Specific topic areas for this series include:

Solidarity Economics 101
Public Investment and Community Development
Workforce Systems Development Strategies
Inclusive Business and Industry Cluster Development
Place-based Development Without Displacement
Power building and our Economy

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